The term “victim-blaming” has become increasingly popular in the social media space. Used like a sledgehammer to shut down any sort of questioning or examination of all the elements in the equation on how a person found themselves a victim of a certain circumstance.

Those who throw around the term do it from a noble place. They want all responsibility to be placed on the perpetrator and attention not to be diverted by asking questions and further traumatizing the victim.

On the surface that sounds logical and valid.

But there are exceptions where questions should be asked and the equation…

There is a naivety in how we Millennials approach marriage which didn't exist for baby boomers

Millennials were the first to grow up with 24 hours television, VHS and 24 music channels. With those came sitcoms, romcoms, pop and R& B with idealized, unrealistic, fantasy portrayals of relationships. Fuelled by first glance, serendipity, grand gestures. Chemistry, Feelings & Soul mates. Dating was all about excitement, fun, great sex, good food and escapism. Aspirational life. Who wouldn’t want this?

Our parents and grandparents generation weren’t overwhelmed with the idealization of relationships and love interest by Boyz II Men songs and Meg…

We all want to change a breakthrough, professionally, personally. Our finances to get to a place we never have to worry about bills. Our relationship to get to a happy place and thriving. Our country to reach a place where we don't have to worry about the future of our kids. But change is not easy. Too often we want things to change. Everything else to change except, US.

We want change without any break in our pattern. Any disruption to our schedule or interference with our comfort.

But history shows that has never happened. Political, Social and Technological change…

Most people don’t see it this way but a documentary is a film just like a Movie, one is non-fiction and the other is Fiction. Both work from scripts, captured with cameras and require editing to put together the narrative.

A movie comes from a writer’s imagination and can be complete fantasy, devoid of the limitations of physics. A documentary captures an aspect of life. Both have narratives.

We also have narratives in our minds in how we see the world, experiences, interactions and conversations. Unfortunately, sometimes the script we are working with doesn’t match reality, it’s complete fiction. This…

Almost everyone who uses a smartphone will be familiar with this. Your phone starts to act up, it’s slow, memory is almost full or it’s just not performing optimally. So you look for what to delete; duplicate files, old photos, songs you haven’t listened to in months. Many times you uninstall apps. That app was fun and trending months ago and you couldn’t get enough of it but is now forgotten about. Apps you didn’t install, don’t need but find on your home screen, sponsored and suggested by the phone’s Operating System.

Just like we sometimes need to look through…

How many things have you talked yourself out of? I can’t do this. I’m not good at…… I don't have a flair/knack for……

How many things did you get discouraged at the early stage and give up because it wasn’t good enough (yet)? Because you didn’t match your taste and what inspired you to try it.

It’s almost cliche now but would you stop a baby from learning to walk because he/she stumbled, staggered, fell on his/her butt and bumped into furniture, possibly pulled a curtain off the rails. No, you wouldn’t. You’d protest and go further to say that…

Any resident of Lagos (and its visitors) will testify to the nightmare of Lagos roads.

Most road users will blame it on danfo, okada and keke drivers but those in private cars are also complicit, sometimes even more due to a sense of entitlement, especially those with “big man” cars, who feel the peasants and simpletons should clear the way for them.

One of the many causes of this daily chaos is the ease with which a driving license is available. …

Failure must be an option, if failure is not an option you result in extremely conservative choices and you may get something worse than lack of innovation. Things may go backwards” — Elon Musk

Failure in Nigeria is accompanied by mockery, “I told you so” and shame.

As early as Primary School, kids are called to the front of the class to answer a question and if they blunder or make a mistake, the teacher turns around asks the class to shame their fellow student. The class choruses “Shame Shame Shame SHAME”.

Can you imagine what that does to a…

In his book START WITH WHY, author and inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek wrote

“When you start with WHY, those who believe what you believe are drawn to you for very personal reasons. It is those who share your values and beliefs, not the quality of your products, that will cause the system to tip.”

Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Many moving parts before and behind the camera to bring everything together. Each crew member is an intricate part of the machinery and all parts function to a singular outcome.

As the assembly of a heist team in the movies (think…

Imagine if your day was a Bitcoin. Your 24 hours was a bitcoin.

As of this writing, one Bitcoin is $44,984.30.

So, one hour of your time is $1,874.34.

How much of your time are you willing to give away to people who don’t respect it?

That person who asks for a 1 pm meeting and by 1:45 pm they haven’t shown up, nor called or texted to explain why, and this is not the first time.

That friend who is never ready on time because they just don’t see it as a big deal to keep you waiting for…


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